shooting star

dark, dull, bleak  and suddenly a shimmering streak how you felt to me plummet into my depths linger, persist, stay it’s quite early for you to scurry away wouldn’t you rather stir up a storm entropic, chaotic, disruptive go ahead, follow your norm pull at my strings throw around words hollow as an echo victory, […]

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The Future

What do you think about, when we talk about the future? I think about white linen sheets, crumpled beneath our bodies at 5 in the morning Your chest rising and falling ever so softly under my resting head Arms and legs entangled Comfortable I think about Sunday afternoons Sitting on fresh grass, under the sun […]

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3 am, a sleepless night all i can really think about is your lips feather soft kisses engraved deep in my memories all rushing back to me in this moment hitting me harder than the high from this bittersweet golden elixir  that i take swigs of, now and then cigarette butts decorate every corner of […]

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Melancholic Blues

Two years later Still two steps behind You, I find myself running Wishing I could rewind You slip out of the view Passing beyond the horizon You were seized from me In that dour month of Nisan Panting, my eyes fly open It is my own personal hell This recurring nightmare You’re beside me, in […]

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Like the ocean gently kisses the grains of sand, washing away, engulfing anything and everything that dares damage it’s purity Like the gleaming golden sun, that with one look can illuminate the nebulous skies The way the mighty wind, caresses the tender greens, playful yet watchful I want to love you, with that fierceness; and […]

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Snip, snip, snip I cut away every memory attached to you So here’s to your love notes, your gentle caresses I’m not going to miss you anymore You’re far gone, and I’m not one to mourn Someone who was never mine Not for long, and so long As long as you’re beyond the horizon Or […]

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A Little Time

Because sometimes, in life, all you really need is a little time alone. A little time to sit by yourself and think about things. To sort out whatever’s been up with you lately. To figure out your feelings. To know whether you’re on the right track. To keep a check on yourself, if you’re really […]

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